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Students gathered around Cleveland State University Student Center

Build Financial Strength

We must be strong both financially and organizationally if we are to achieve our other goals. We build financial strength because we know it is essential to accomplish our mission. We seek to strengthen our community because only the inspired efforts of our people – faculty and staff, collectively and individually – can accomplish our goals. 

Key Components

Reduce the Operating Cost of Colleges

  • Go from 8 to 6 Colleges – reduce number of administrators and improve service  

Redesign Campus

  • Create a blueprint for a post-pandemic “Urban Campus of the Future”
  • Fully integrated and connected with downtown Cleveland

Reduce Administrative Expenditures Across University

  • Streamline managerial reporting structures and consolidate services and processes to yield $5 million in annual savings
  • Identify public and private partnerships for investments in housing, dining, and facilities

Invest the Savings to Strengthen the Campus Community

  • Leverage redesigned financial model and savings initiatives to reinvest in faculty hires, academic programs, and student support services 
  • Improve faculty and staff salaries

Redesign Internal Financial Model

  • Review resource allocation model to better align the goals of our Deans and Vice Presidents
  • Develop Deans and Vice Presidents incentive plans to drive growth

Capital Campaign

  • Launch major capital campaign during 2023-2025 to increase private support