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Photo of the campus of Cleveland State University

CSU 2.0 News

CSU 2.0 Leadership Updates

I am writing to share a few important and exciting leadership updates that directly relate to our CSU 2.0 academic goals and to our college realignment plans over the coming months.

CSU 2.0 Update: College Realignment

Consistent with President Sands’ message to the campus community earlier this month, I’m writing to share an update on the status of our CSU 2.0 college realignment plans and processes.

Celebrating our Momentum

As we move through the fall semester, we will continue to share updates and progress metrics as we execute strategic priorities outlined in CSU 2.0, with an initial focus on continuing our strong enrollment growth (essential to our mission and economic growth of our city), standing up and investing in our new colleges, and engaging all of you as we update and advance CSU’s campus master plan.

CSU 2.0 Implementation Update

Since the release of the CSU 2.0 Final Report in late March and the supportive votes by our Faculty Senate in late April, we have continued to engage our broad campus community to build support and solicit further guidance on how to best implement our exciting blueprint to drive us forward. Today I am pleased to provide you with an update on how we will execute on our plan and track progress.

Moving Forward on CSU 2.0

One of the hallmarks of our brand of “Engaged Learning” at CSU is the way we collaborate and work together – faculty, staff and students alike….This week, 81 percent of our Faculty Senate voted affirmatively on the full CSU 2.0 plan, and a majority of senators voted similarly in support of realigning our colleges as part of the plan.

Town Hall Meeting - April 23rd

In this second town hall meeting, university leaders and key stakeholders continue discussing the implementation of CSU 2.0 and answer questions from the University community.

Town Hall Meeting - April 15th

University leaders and key stakeholders discuss the implementation of CSU 2.0 and answer questions from the University community.

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