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Reimagining our future

CSU 2.0 is an aggressive, growth-oriented plan for emerging from the global pandemic a stronger, more focused institution. It is an exciting vision for our future that sets a goal of 4,500 additional students and 200 new faculty members by 2025. It outlines multimillion-dollar investments in research, faculty positions and initiatives to advance student success, develop new programs and build new partnerships. 

The CSU 2.0 roadmap focuses on four strategic themes:

Student working in lab of leading research university
Distinction as a Leading Public Urban Research University
We aspire to be best-in-class, and we frame that aspiration in terms of our special mission, which influences the character of our educational programs, our research, and our relationship to the community.
Student Success
Differentiating on Student Success and Engaged Learning
Even as we value our work and our standing as a research university, the education and success of our students is our number one priority.
Cleveland, OH skyline featuring Cleveland State University
Strengthening Our Anchor Mission & Becoming a Beacon Institution
An urban university frames its mission in terms of the needs of the metropolitan community and region it serves. We are an “anchor” institution because we are committed to this place, and we understand that we exist to improve the community in which we are embedded.
Students gathered around Cleveland State University Student Center
Building Financial Strength and Strengthening Campus Community
We must be strong both financially and organizationally if we are to achieve our other goals. We build financial strength because we know it is essential to accomplish our mission.

It is an exciting time with much promise for the future, and we hope you’ll join us on our path forward.

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