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Cleveland, OH skyline featuring Cleveland State University

Strengthen Anchor Mission & Become a Beacon Institution

An urban university frames its mission in terms of the needs of the metropolitan community and region it serves. We are an “anchor” institution because we are committed to this place, and we understand that we exist to improve the community in which we are embedded. Our collective impact on the Cleveland area over 56+ years brands us as an “anchor” institution and positions us – now – to broaden our reach. As we pursue excellence in education and research, we will also become a “beacon” institution, enrolling talented students and recruiting gifted faculty, not only from our region, but nationally and internationally. In this we will be greatly aided by the attractions of Cleveland, Ohio’s premier metropolitan center, with its cultural riches and economic opportunities.

Key Components

Emphasize Workforce Development

  • Build out our undergraduate and graduate degree programs focused on meeting emerging workforce needs

Lead State Sponsored Effort to Promote Health Care & IT Industries

  • Leverage $20 million Jobs Ohio investment to establish Public Health Institute and double the number of certificates and graduates in 19 STEM-related fields 

Support Research Related to Regional Needs

  • Prioritize investments in research to advance/address economic needs, and the social and cultural challenges of the metro area and region

Develop Public and Private Partnerships

  • Actively engage “sister” institutions and organizations throughout our region to share resources and provide support to benefit Northeast Ohio
  • Integrate the community into our Campus Master Plan as well as residential housing, dining, and athletics’ facility planning

Grow Enrollments to 20,000

  • Implement strategic marketing, recruitment, and enrollment plan
  • Increase enrollment by 4,500 students
    • Grow CSU Global by 1,500 students
    • Add 1,500 students through an expanded CSU Online initiative
    • Jobs Ohio initiative will add up to 2,000 new graduates